Professional Multi Award-winning Bellydance Performer 

Instructor & Choreographer

Verina Falco is a multi-award winning dancer, based out of Orlando, Florida. She began her dance journey when she was 3 years old at the Chilean dance company, Academia de Caren Connery. In 1996, Verina moved to Miami, Fl. and continued her ballet studies at the Miami City Ballet Company. After studying ballet for 10 yrs, she discovered Raqs Sharqi and began to pursue middle eastern dance.


Verina is an perpetual student, and continues to challenge her dance journey by taking workshops with many of today's top dancers, such as Zoe Jakes, Moria Chappel, Irina Okulenko, and Omaris Saneaux- among others.  It wasn't long until until Verina began to develop her own style by experimenting with the gothic and electronic dance fusion. 


Verina is known for creating mesmerizing performances  that incorporate lights and theatrics to create other worldly experiences. Each piece is carefully crafted to give the audience a unique memory that is everlasting and takes the viewer to a magical land beyond our own. 

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