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About Ryan

Ryan Guochao, considered the “King of China” in the art of Belly Dance, is one of the most sought after Belly Dance Masters worldwide. He has the honor to be one of the  few selected Master Instructors teaching at Mme Raqia Hassan Ahlan Wa Sahlan Festival and Winter Training Program in Cairo, Egypt. Ryan also tours all over South America, Europe, and Asia.

Ryan has developed his own style over the years, popular for its extremely oriental feeling. Based on the culture and history of the deepest oriental country, China, Ryan gave birth to a new view of oriental dance. His art has been h ighly praised by some of the greatest figures of bellydance of all times, Madame Raqia Hassan (Egypt), Zaza Hassan (Egypt), Morocco (USA), Tamalyn Dallal (USA), Sorraiah (Brasil & Egypt), Jia Zuoguang (Chinese Dance Legend), Yang Liping (Chinese Peacock Dance Master), among many more.

Ryan has grown very popular in many countries, and has been certified for his contributions to culture and art by the government of Argentina. His dance has been written in the form of a poem in Russia, and he has been one of the lucky few to dance at the opening gala of the biggest festival in the world, Ahlan Wa Sahlan (Cairo), and in China. He is equally famous in many TV shows around Asia.

The “King of China” has his own ideas about oriental dance, and has built a system for teaching technique and developed a unique set of training for posture, feeling of the body, basic movements and is highly admired for his unique teaching method. Characterized by his kind heart, Ryan has made generous donations to children burnt by fire in Argentina. He is a well-known donor for the Buddhist, the poor and children around the world who need help.


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