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Zumba               BellyHiit              Pilates              Abs & Buns              Yoga              Morning Boost              Candle Light Stretching
Get ready for one of the greatest fitness workout in the globe! Zumba® Fitness is an exhilarating, effective, easy-to-follow, Latin-inspired, calorie-burning dance fitness party ™ that is moving millions towards joy and health.
The sexiest way to work out! Belly HIIT™ is an exciting, unique, easy-to-follow, Middle-Eastern inspired dance fitness playground that is focused on empowering you toward fitness and health while sharing the magic of Bellydance.
Innovative workout focused on developing your core, toning your abs, and defining your complete body! Using the latest music hits that everyone loves, this class will have you burning fat and enduring muscles in no time!
Yoga is a very personal and uplifting practice that promotes physical health and mental wellbeing. Designed to enhance a sense of well-being and vitality, these classes focus on gentle movements and breathing technique to improve flexibility, balance, strength and posture. Open to all levels.​
Abs & Buns
45 mins of intensity! This class targets your Abs and Gluteus muscles like no other! Intended to work the entire core, this class will effectively tone and define your body strengthening your muscles and giving you a rock solid core.
Rise, shine and ease into your day with this class! Gentle sunrise stretches combined with awakening meditation, deep breathing and slow strengthening movements in fun and creative sequences to give you that extra boost of energy and mindfulness to have a fresh empowered day!
Candle Light Stretching
Designed to wind down and perfectly end your week with a healthy dose of slow-paced restorative stretching, deep breathing, rejuvenating postures and soothing sounds tailored to relax your body and mind. This class is set to candle light and kept at a comfortable temperature.
Looking to dance, eat healthier or learn how to model? 
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