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All classes in pink will be free of cost and include a demo show by the corresponding instructor.


Drop In - $15.00 

$12.00 for 45-min classes*

We take all credit/debit cards,

checks and cash.

Packages - $65 for 5 classes

                     $120 for 10 classes

                     $250 for 20 classes + Free Massage + Wellness Coach

Memberships - $60/4-weeks for 1 yr               PLATINUM

                             $100/4-weeks cancel anytime    GOLD


2180 Central Florida Pkwy, Unit A4, Orlando, FL, 32837
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African Dance
Classes Description
Innovative workout focused on developing your core, toning your abs, and defining your complete body! Using the latest music hits that everyone loves, this class will have you burning fat and enduring muscles in no time!
All levels
Belly Fitness
The sexiest way to work out! Belly Fitness is an exciting, unique, easy-to-follow, Middle-Eastern inspired dance fitness playground that is focused on empowering you toward fitness and health while sharing the magic of Bellydance.
Latin Bellydance
Specialty class! Learn how to beautifully fuse Latin dance moves (Salsa, Rumba, Cha Cha, Samba, Afro) with with Bellydance! This class will take you through an exciting cultural journey where you will learn technique, combos and choreography.
Belly Essentials
Fascinated by the mystique and beautiful Arabic dance? This introductory level class teaches the most essential Bellydance movements in an easy-to-follow manner. Learn technique, execution and combinations. Connect with a beautiful art form and join a lifetime sisterhood! 
Bellydance Level 1
Learn the technique of isolations, undulations, shimmies, pops, locks, chest and hip work and dance to dynamic combinations. Includes basic Veil and Zills technique and an intro to the Golden Era Dancers. 
Prerequisite: 2-3 months of previous experience or completion of Belly Essentials
Hip Scarf and Veil are required.
Bellydance Level 2
Explore complex isolations, undulations, layering, traveling, musicality and basic Saidi and Shaabi techniques and combos. Includes Veil and Zills technique and an intro to Egyptian and Argentinean Bellydance styles.
Prerequisite: 3-6 months of previous experience or completion of Bellydance Level 1
Hip Scarf ,Veil and Zills are required.
Bellydance Level 3
Dive into transitions, turns and intricate foot work/traveling, complex layering and shimmy techniques and combos, including basic Khaliji. Learn Wings and Sword technique and get introduced to basic Bellydance rhythms, classic Arab bands/singers and the Russian and Lebanese Bellydance styles.
Prerequisite: 6-12 months of previous experience or completion of Bellydance Level 2
Baladi Choreo
Learn a beautiful Baladi choreography inspired in classic and modern technique.
Prerequisite: 3-6 months of previous experience or completion of Bellydance Level 1
Love the infinite amount of shimmy techniques that you will learn in this class such as Egyptian, Pelvic, African, Freeze, Beduin, to mention a few. Includes fun layering and combos using the learned techniques.
Drum Solo
Enjoy Drum Solo techniques and combos that will replenish your creative dance repertoire of amazing ideas!
Prerequisite: 3-6 months of previous experience or completion of Bellydance Level 1
All levels
Intro level
No experience  needed
Level 1 or up
Level 2 or up
Level 3 or up
Level 2 or up
All levels
All levels
All levels
All levels
Kids Bellydance
Looking for an unique and joyful opportunity for your beautiful princess to meet new friends, improve posture and physical activity, and have fun? These classes are what you were looking for! Tailored to help your beautiful daughter increase their social confidence, improve flexibility and psychomotor skills while learning how to dance to Middle Eastern music making new friends! 
African Dance
This class is like one big party! You will be introduced to the most popular Central African club music hits and dances. You will learn the newest moves to the latest beats, inspired by both traditional and contemporary dance styles. *Includes LIVE MUSIC
Latin Dance
Learn the basic techniques of Salsa, Merengue and Bachata while dancing to the latest Latin hits!
No heels/partner required.
Highly expressive, emotional and powerful Spanish dance. Characterized by percussive footwork, hand clapping, and beautiful hand, arm and body movements, Flamenco is one of the best ways to share your artistic passion! No partner necessary.
All levels