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Kasa Panzy is a native of the Democratic Republic of Congo in AFrica. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree from the National Institute of Arts, in Kinshasam Congo in Central Africa, where he majored in music interpretation as well as traditional African music. He has a Diploma as Sound Engineer and Producer at Florida School of Recording, Sound and Technology 2007 in Orlando.


Mr. Panzu has toured Africa, europe, Canada and the USA as a Master Drummer & Dancer of traditional Congolese and other forms of African music and dance. He has performed and taught as a representative of African culture at schools, colleges and universities, community centers, correctional institutions and museums throughout the Eastern USA.


As a performer, Kasa has more than 25 years of artistic experience. He has been involved with Umoja African Ballet Company based in Pittsburgh, PA, since 1997 as Master drummer, dancers, Assistant Director and later on Artistic Director. Currently, Kasa is a contractor entertainer with the Tam Tam Congo at The Animal Kingdom of Walt Disney World in Florida and the Drum Cafe, the Cafe Tutu Tango. He is also devoting his energy full-time to developing his own production company Kas'Arts Productions in collaboration with several other artists. He specializes in instructing children, adults and seniors in Congelese, Eastern and Southern African traditional dance and drumming.


Kasa is available for public and private performances, workshops and residencies related to African dance and drumming, costume and mask creation, and story-telling for diverse occasions. Shortly, Kasa will be releasing his first album "Mosala" and publishing "Makaku" his first children's book.

Fun Facts

Kasa is an acclaimed Master African Dance Performer at The Animal Kingdom of Walt Disney World in Florida.
He is the founder and CEO of Kas'Arts Productions that specializes in Congolese, Eastern and Southern African traditional dance and drumming.

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