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Choreographer, Performer & Instructor

Kelly Cavalcanti, was born in São Paulo, Brazil. The trajectory of Kelly as a professional dancer, has very interesting peculiarities. In 2005, she had her first exposure to belly dancing while studying psychology.

For having stood out among the students, in 2008 Kelly was invited to have an internship as a teacher of Bellydance, getting the opportunity in the Studio for some professional training.  From 2010, the Kelly´s career went to the top, she taught in various Dance Studios, she participated in numerous Festivals, Shows and events as Bellydancer and Choreographer, she was a pioneer in the city Florianopolis/BR in the practice of Gypsy-Arabic Fusion, which merged two dance forms: bellydance and Gypsy Dance. Kelly has won several awards national and international for her dance and choreography.

In 2015, Kelly moved to Orlando and participated in the cast of Orlando Belly Dance Company for 2 years and has performed in famous venues in Orlando. She is an Instructor at Bellywood studios, she is part of the casting Bellydancers to dance in the famous places of Jacksonville.

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