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Persian Performer, Instructor & Choreographer
Fitness Instructor

Helen began her belly dance journey in 2006 with Ilham Belly Dance Academy; she joined Divas of dance Professional Troupe directed by Aiza and performed at a myriad of venues.  She has appeared on Televised programs such as "Despierta America" and "Sabado Gigante" on Univision as a dancer in Miami, Florida.  In 2017 she became a member of the RAKettes an award-winning belly dance troupe directed by multi-Award-winning choreographer Yesenia Lauzique.  She also was an instructor Florida International University reaction in Miami.

She has continued study with well-known international Middle Eastern Dance Artists, such as Saida Helou, Portia Lange, Anna Borisova, Ozgen Ozgec, Tito Seif, Jillina, Jihan Jamal, Alla Vatc, and many more. 

​In 2020 Helen founded BellyPop an online belly dance wellness community; and became an author of the instructional book "Belly Dance Business 101." She received a recognition by Oasis Belly Dance of the month in August 2020.

​It is Helen goal to teach the beautiful authentic art of expression through Raqs Sharqi. Belly dance has allowed her to express herself authentically, as well as maintain emotional & physical wellness.