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MODELING "From Italy with Love: Fashion Styling, Posture and Modeling"

Saturday 11th March 2017, 10-12pm

After modeling with Dior, Armani, D&G, among other iconic fashion brands, Andrea will teach his top secrets for fashion styling, posture, face expression, body language, etiquette and communication, and power dressing to enhance your personability and body type.  

MODELING "Dior & Armani: Modeling Behind The Scenes" *Check Out Video Below*

Saturday 11th March 2017, 12-1pm

Learn all about the internal world of fashion, modeling and beauty pageants around all the continents. Andrea will share the best tips on how to succeed, create a respectable public image, and become an icon in the industry. 

BELLYDANCE "Ryan's Extremely Oriental Dance"

Saturday 11th March 2017, 2.30-4.30pm

Experience the true Oriental feeling with Ryan's beautiful style where he emphasizes expression of emotion and technique. His unique style received a condecoration from the government of Argentina.

MODELING "Photoshoot: All You Need To Know"

Sunday 12th March 2017, 10-1pm

Take your POSING skills to the next level! Learn how to portray various emotions in front of cameras and audiences, how to take advantage of your best angles and looks, body language for photo shoots, how to posed in closed/open environments, and how to create an outstanding portfolio to best display your work and trajectory.

*Includes FREE Photoshoot for VIP Students by Andrea Z.*

MODELING "Body Care + How to Master a Beauty Pageant"

Sunday 12th March 2017, 1-2pm

Andrea will share his best tips for ultimate hair and body care, and how to best take care of yourself especially while running a busy schedule. He will also teach how to prepare for castings and competitions, how to be more confident in interviews, interview preparation, and all about the inner world of beauty pageants.

BELLYDANCE "Flamenco Fusion"

Sunday 12th March 2017, 3.30-5.30pm

Ryan combines the best of Flamenco and

Bellydance to create this amusing fusion!

Adding his unique style of Bellydance and

his master skills of the beautiful art of 

Flamenco dance, he will teach an aweing

choreography along with technique for

beautiful arm, hand, hair movements and

fantastic turns.                  

Andrea starring in an Armani Perfume commercial

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