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Belly Dance Performer, instructor & Choreographer

Rolly is a Professional Belly Dancer performer, choreographer, instructor and founder of Nova Ars Studio de Danza in Venezuela.   She began her training as a Belly Dancer in 2010 at the Academia Odaliscas y Gitanas Maracay-Venezuela until she graduating in 2015.  Additionally, during this period of time she also started to take lessons in Ballet, Jazz and Contemporary classes in order to improve dance skills as a dancer.

In 2013 Rolly began her training as a belly dance instructor,  she started to teach beginner groups of all ages at the “Academia de Odaliscas y Gitanas” at Maracay Venezuela.  Furthermore in 2015, due to her great passion for dance, she founded the Nova Ars Studio Dance school in Maracay-Venezuela, where she gave belly dance, ballet and gymnastics classes to girls, teenagers and adults. Here, she imparted his knowledge to more than 1,500 students until the year 2020.

During her training, she attended workshops and master classes focused on enriching her knowledge of belly dance, such as workshops given by professional instructors as Jamila, Mahaila al Nujum, Samira Hayek, among others. In addition, She participated with her own choreographies in theaters, private shows, restaurants, weddings, as performance and with groups of students under his direction.

Her personal goal is to continue her personal growth as a dancer in the city of Orlando, Florida in order to express her art with belly dancing to all spectators.

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