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Jamaican-born Sandi Morais is a Vegan Chef.   She has a BA degree from Florida International University, and she also attended Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts.  Chef Sandi is the author of Vegan Recipe for Life  cook book and the owner of VeganTuneUpCafe.  She teaches a vegan cooking class at La Vie Wellness Center on Thursday evenings  and Saturday mornings.  Chef Sandi also did her cooking demonstration class at the Tupperware and the Central Florida Fair.  Her column Celebrate Healthy Cooking is featured monthly in Caribbean American Passport news magazine. 
   Chef Sandi  had the honor of preparing a tasting of her signature Jerk Tofu dish for members of  Grammy Award Reggae Band  "Inner Circle," and famous New York Artist Chakaia Booker. 

Sandi Morais

Strawberry cashew non-dairy ice cream

Fun Facts

Chef Sandi's daughter Kamla is an IFBB-Figure Pro and a 2x Olympia Competitor. Sandi herself was a Physical Education and Fitness Instructor and the creator of ReggaeWorkout.

In  2014 Chef Sandi did a cooking demonstration class with her  signature Jerk Tofu dish at the largest Jamaican Jerk Festival in United States. 

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