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Wellness Coaching

By appointment only


Detailed nutritional and fitness assessment

Collect and analyze all nutrition and fitness-related data to fully evaluate our clients to better recommend an ideal meal and fitness plan to meet their goals

Personalized monthly meal-plan based on your nutritional goals

Learn about our clients' food preferences, possible allergies, lifestyle, time and pocket availability to create an optimal plan that helps them reach their goals

*Vegetarian and vegan meal-plan options available

Full body composition assessment using the latest technology available

Measure weight, fat percentage, muscle mass, water retention, metabolic age and sizes to best track our clients' progress and tailor their meal and fitness plans towards their goals


First session     1 hour

Follow-up sessions     25-min

Consults are generally done once a month

Call us or walk-in to book your appointment



Our wellness coaching program is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Please note that our meal plans are suggested by a Certified Nutritionist, not a Registered Dietitian.


First session


Follow-up sessions


Platinum members


once every month

Gold members

FREE first time

$20 for follow-up sessions (save $15!)

Package clients

20-classes package only

FREE first time

Regular price for follow-up sessions

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