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About Bollywood Studios

About Us

Bellywood Studios is an interdisciplinary dance and wellness studio in Orlando, FL, that is passionate about empowering and educating students in the Arts and Health. We specialize in Bellydance, Latin Dance, Flamenco, Modeling, and Nutrition (General, Sports, and Kids). Whether your goal is to exercise, have fun, get instructed in dance, start a healthy lifestyle, or inspire your children to grow creative and healthy, we are here to help you thrive!


We believe in passion, honesty, and service. Our vision is to offer you the finest and most complete dance and wellness education at the right price. With over 70 years of experience combined, our staff is highly qualified, professionally trained, and sincerely shares our vision and values. Together, we are 100% committed to your success.

Besides regular classes, we also offer entertainment services, international workshops, and wellness coaching. Bellywood Studios proudly features professional and talented artists specializing in all kinds of dance forms such as Middle Eastern Dance, Flamenco, and Latin Dance, as part of our world dance and entertainment troupe, to enlighten weddings, parties, private events, and more. Moreover, we host international workshops inviting worldwide acclaimed instructors in the areas of dance, fitness, and wellness to enrich your artistic and fitness growth. Furthermore, our qualified staff offers easy-to-understand, detailed, and educational nutritional and fitness assessment and general wellness coaching to better help you reach your goals.

Founder & Director

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