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This class is designed for students both new, or for students that wish to polish their bellydance technique.  They will focus on techniques, fundamental of isolations, dance drills to build stamina and endurance. New material and movements will be reviewed such as travel steps, layering shimmies and will work with directional changes, & level changes. Student will also be introduced to Veil, as well as Rhythms.



The intermediate level continues to work on correct dance posture and drills to improve the isolation movements essential to belly dance.  This class is a transition and preparation for advanced levels.  This level will cover intense Multi-layered shimmies, complex combinations, Hip work, traveling steps,  Egyptian rhythm identification, basic finger cymbals use as props, continue will veil, challenging advanced movements, and introduction to Egyptian Folklore as well as an introduction to Bellydance Choreographies.



Mixed Level Belly Dance course consists of extensive layering, complex footwork & combinations, and development of Egyptian musicality and stylization.  puting together every skill you have learned in beginners and intermediate level so far while adding even more challenging and physically demanding movements such as level changes, basic improvisation, advanced shimmies with layers, complex hip work, Egyptian Folklore dance.  Students will also learn about the instruments, rhythms, musicality, culture, and the feelings attached to the sounds of Egyptian Music. Will also put an emphasis on developing and identifying style through props (finger cymbals, veil, cane, sword, wings & fan veil), basic improvisation, and choreography.

Registration Fee

Yearly Fee

$55 + tax

Drop In

Yearly Fee

$25 + tax

5 Classes

All Classes

$75 + tax

You are saving $50
Expires in 6 weeks

10 Classes

All Classes

$150 + tax

You are saving $100
Expires in 6 weeks

20 Classes

All Classes

$250 + tax

You are saving $50
Expires in 9 weeks

Satuday Classes

Walk-in Class

$35 + tax

Monthy Fee (Saturday Classes)

Two Classes

$125 + tax

Cash, CashApp, Venmo & Credit/Debit Card

Send payment to:
CashApp: $Bellywood
Venmo: @Bellywood-Studios


You are granted a Bellywood Punch Card with your name Simply check in before each class.

Please note: Students much bring a punchcard to every class. If the class is not presented students will need to pay a walk-in class fee of $20   


This class is a combination of bollywood, indian classical,  hip-hop, contemporary and expression. It is filled with fun moves inspired from the film world of Bollywood.

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