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Bollywood Performer

Nadia first found her love for dance at an early age as she was always surrounded by Indian music and dancing. Her main exposure came from family and community gatherings. She has had a passion for dancing since she could walk. She began performing when she was only five years old in New York City.  


Her first journey in dance began at the Rising Stars Dance Academy in Queens, New York. This is where she learned the fundamentals of modern dance, ranging from ballet, jazz, tap and lyrical. Alongside professional Indian dancers, she also learned the art of Indian dance.  She continued this journey to further explore various forms of world dance such as flamenco, belly, Latin, swing, with an emphasis on the Bharatnatyam style of Indian dance.  


For the last eight years, she has studied under various professional Indian classical dancers as well as continuing to perform in the Indian entertainment form of dance, known as Bollywood, through multiple studios. 

Kasa Panzu

African Dance

Kasa Panzu is a native of the Democratic Republic of Congo in Africa.  Master Instructor as well Dancer/Performer.  With more than 25 Years of Professional Artistic Experience you can also find Kasa at Disney's Animal Kingdom where he serenades the crowds with his Authentic performance, and experience like none other..


Bollywood & Bellydance Performer

This super Unique and Multi-Talented Dancer/Performer will knock you out of your seats with her electrifying performance!  Sevdha has captured the Hearts of many with her Highly Energetic, multi-faceted styles.  From Bollywood to Bellydance, Caribbean Chutney, Afro-beats, Pop and Locks with her crazy sense of Humor to Top it off!  Never a Dull moment while being entertained by Sevdha.  


She is called the Hurricane, Tornado, Trail Blazer, Hot Ball of Fire described in her many styles.  She will deliver whatever the occasion and will not disappoint.  Highly Recommended!!

A i S HA

Shimmy Girl Bellydance

ShimmyGirl Aisha is a dancer & choreographer with international credits. Some of her more notable clients include Disney, Regent Cruise Line, Busch Gardens, 1001 Nights (Toronto), Riverside Theatre and The Moulin Rouge in Budapest. Like many Belly Dance artists, Aisha did not choose Belly chose her and her years of training in dance, drama, music and visual art all helped develop her style as a Belly Dancer. 


A turning point in Aisha's career came when she had the privilege of working with Fosse dancer/choreographer Gary Flannery in the production of Chicago at Seaside Music Theatre in Daytona Beach.  After learning the original Bob Fosse choreography and attitude, Aisha was inspired and her unique Jazz Fusion style was born

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